EditGrid Special Crunchies Release

editgrid.jpgOnline spreadsheet tool and Crunchies finalist EditGrid have released a range of new features to coincide with tonights Crunchies.

In addition to adding new functions, the release incorporates integration to both consumer and enterprise applications.

The Special Crunchies Release Features

  • Mashup Function – The image function fetches live images/charts from other Web services into a spreadsheet cell. The function can be used to fetch charts dynamically based on values stored in cells. (See example here)
  • Merge Cell Function – EditGrid supports both horizontal and vertical merge cell while Google Spreadsheet and Zoho Sheet only support horizontal merge cell.
  • EditGrid Plug-in for Confluence – EditGrid partners with Atlassian to offer EditGrid as the default plug-in for Confluence hosted customers.
  • EditGrid App for Facebook – EditGrid’s application is available on Facebook. See our well-designed integration.

With this new release, EditGrid aims to reach more users “by embracing the Web 2.0 platform and integrating with enterprise and social platforms.”

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