Mobile Fun Offers Celebrity Autographs

If you are an autograph hound, Mobile Fun may have the service for you. Your mobile phone can now be autographed online by famous and historical people like Stalin or Shakespeare without having to go to the trouble and cost of renting a time machine.

Mobile Fun is currently working on a system that allows modern celebrities to sell limited editions of their autographs online so that customers can get them direct to their mobile phone or iPod.

“Modern mobile phones have enough memory for avid Autograph Collectors
to carry up to 10,000 copyright-protected autographs in their back
pocket”, says Simon Aston (“PSYMON”), Premium Autographs System Product
Manager of Mobile Fun.

If you are concerned about your favorite celebrity’s mental health, Mobile Fun’s service may make life easier for that person. At least that’s what Simon thinks. He hopes fans will use the Mobile Fun service so that celebrities won’t be pestered by crowds seeking autographs.

“We constantly hear on the news from ‘famous and therefore rich’ how tired they all are of screaming funs, paparazzi and read carpets.”

“We already have lots of top-famous actors, sportsmen and even politicians, ready and waiting to use our Autographs System to sell their autographs for tenths of thousands pounds” said Mr. Ruslan G Fedorovsky, newly appointed Head of Mobile.

“ is already consistently inside the top 1000 websites and more popular than Jamster or even Vodafone and this new system should take us to even higher level of Internet popularity.”

Mobile Fun