PS3 is THE best Blu-ray player on the market


So back at CES, I went and bothered a few folks from the Blu-ray booth and asked which player was the best to have. Their answers didn’t really surprise me, but I figured I’d fill all of you in, too. Sorry about the week long delay. The peyote is just now starting to wear off. That was a crazy ride! Regardless of whether or not you play games, they told me that the PS3 was the most future proof player (in regards to v2.0, but probably applies for other versions as well) on the market. All of the other players that are stuck on older standards are pretty much FUBAR in terms of compatibility with future features. The PS3 is the only one that can be constantly updated to accommodate any standard. Which makes me wonder if Sony did this on purpose to drive sales of the PS3 up. My gut tells me yes, but it could just be a pure coincidence. What do you think?