Rick Sammon's affordable all-purpose lighting kit for you DSLR types

244622692-s.jpgUsually I do what I can with the light that I have, and it turns out pretty well. But it’s not that rare that I look at a shot and think, “if only I could have corrected for that flash of sunlight, or mitigated the effect of those shadows.” Apparently pro photo guy Rick Sammon thought the same and like me is weak and doesn’t want to carry around 20 pounds of tripods and such for setting up lighting adjusters. This little carry-kit has a diffuser to soften highlights, a reflector to redirect light, and a one-size-fits-all softbox.

It costs $119, which sounds expensive to the layman for a couple sheets of fabric and a plastic box, but it’s really a pretty good deal for an amateur photographer starting out, and will probably be “gateway gear” to more expensive kits.

Rick Sammon On-Location Lighting Kit [Photography Bay]