Slide to unlock! iPhone panties, among other geeky girl garments

The games don’t stop when you turn the power off. Have your hot geek lady-friend, better known as “chupacabra,” try these on come Valentine’s Day, and maybe you can do a little port inspection, you know, deep in root access. 55313-7.jpgI can’t decide whether the iPhone ones or the Nintendo controller ones are hotter. Probably the iPhone ones go on a high-maintenance girl who moonlights as an “exotic dancer” but loves doodads, and the NES ones go on a sexy but shy nerd-girl who bought them strictly for her own enjoyment. I’m getting into this a little too much, I’m going to go now.

I like that they specify that these are panties for girls.

Top 7 Geek Panties (for girls) [GameGirl]