CrunchLaw: HTC taken to task over disabled hardware?


HTC makes your smartphone. OK, maybe not all of yours, but chances are if your phone is a smarty, it came from HTCs factory. They make handsets for Palm and Motorola as well as carrier-branded handsets like the AT&T Tilt or the T-Mobile Wing. It can probably be said that nobody has made more quality smartphones in North America than HTC, and all their new stuff is getting sexier and sexier.

Not everyone’s drinking this Kool-Aid though. A few disgruntled customers have started up a class action lawsuit exploratory website, testing the waters to see if there’s enough interest in what they see is a shortcoming in the latest HTC devices to warrant a lawsuit.

The crux of the complaint is that the last several devices use new Qualcomm chipsets that feature graphic subprocessors that greatly improve screen draw time and thus performance. The new HTC devices don’t ship with the necessary drivers to enable this graphic acceleration, and these guys think they should.

So the site’s up if you want to chime in, but I for one don’t think it’s HTC’s responsibility to enable every aspect of a devices chipset. In addition, these users have it bad enough using Windows Mobile. If they really wanted to change the world for the better, they’d get HTC to load up some mobile Linux goodness, or even the legendary new Palm OS.

HTC Class Action Dot Org [Exploratory site]