EA's Battlefield Heroes will be a free download this summer


Electronics Arts will release Battlefield Heroes this summer, its first free-to-play game in the West. (There’s already a version of Fifa in Korea that’s free) The game, which looks a lot like Team Fortress 2, is from the same guys who developed Battlefield 1942. It will be only be available as a download and won’t cost you a dime. Instead, EA will use advertisements to pay for its development. Not in-game advertisements, mind you, but ads on the main menu and so forth; no giant Burger King ads right next to a silo, for example.

The game will also be easy on your system, with a developer claiming that it’ll be able to run on “grandma’s laptop.”

Why the only released screen shot is a cover for a so-so magazine I couldn’t tell you.

Battlefield Heroes [EA via BBC News]