Social Discovery Engine Noovo Launches At DLD Munich

A new web service from Slovenia called Noovo was launched this morning at the DLD conference in Munich. CEO Andrej Nabergoj gave a very high level overview of the service. I’ve been trying to track him down for more details.

“Noovo is a social discovery platform that helps users contribute, find and share highly relevant content in the simplest possible way,”
is how they describe themselves. The service is clearly a social network and drives content to users based on what their friends are consuming and recommending. What isn’t clear is if this is a place for people to upload rich media content (see, for example Wixi), or more of a Mixx-type site where users recommend content to each other based partially on a digg-style voting system and partially on an analysis of what your friends are doing.

In describing the service on stage, Nabergoj said that the dominant social network is still email, and that Noovo is a “comprehensive” service to access content, store and share it with friends, etc. Whenever anyone consumes content online, he said, they are thinking of it in relation to other people – who shared it with you, who you can share it with, etc. Noovo, presumably, is going to facilitate that.

Whatever the service is, it has a solid management team and advisory board, and they’re hiring like crazy.

The service is currently in private beta – sign up for it on the home page.