Weekend Hacking: RIAA website gets manhandled


It was too cold to go outside just about everywhere in the country this weekend, so it appears that some enterprising Reddit users took the time to find a slow SQL query on the RIAA’s website and posted a link with the title “This links runs a slooow SQL query on the RIAA’s server. Don’t click it; that would be wrong.”

Well instead of just clicking that link until the site slowly toppled under its own weight, someone else found a way to wipe out a bunch of the site’s content altogether. When the dust had settled, everyone was treated to an empty press release section, links to the Pirate Bay, and messages like the one shown above.

The RIAA seems to have fixed the problem by now so you won’t see much out of the ordinary over at its site any more. Gee, I wonder where it’ll send its lawyers next. This’ll be interesting to see if they can track down who did this.

RIAA Website Wiped Clean by “Hackers” [TorrentFreak]