Battery-powered car gets almost 100 miles per charge


Sweet. I like that some of the alternative-energy cars coming out have three wheels. This commuter car is called the Trev, for two-seater renewable energy vehicle. It’s designed by people at the University of South Australia and runs for almost 100 miles per lithium ion polymer battery charge. It can go from 0 to 60 in around ten seconds.

It uses about 1/5th of the energy that a normal car uses, costing about one Australian dollar per charge and there’s room inside for two people and two small bags. It’s currently in the process of being approved for street-worthiness and may be on the road soon (although the source website says that they’re looking to get the car on the road in 2006, so things might be a wee bit delayed). Still, looks pretty cool.

Trev (two-seater renewable energy vehicle) [] via TreeHugger