'Readius' foldable screen thing is real and it's coming

readius From concept to actual product, the Readius is coming in “mid-2008” (though not solely as an e-book reader). It will use the same electronic ink technology as Amazon’s Kindle reader although this bendable-display device will apparantly be launched as a cell phone with a 5-inch fold-out screen.

The catch? No web browser. So close, huh? The Readius will have high-speed data access but everything will have to be preconfigured from your home PC first, like your e-mail accounts, podcasts, news feeds, and the like. It’s a good first step but still, no web browser? This, according to the company, is for a “simpler mobile environment.”

Later versions may contain a keypad and/or an 8-inch screen, though. The price hasn’t yet been set but I’d guess it’ll be somewhere in the $300 to $500 range.

Dutch firm launches phone with fold-away screen [Reuters]