Rumors running rampant over Pentax K20D

Can you tell I’m obsessed with cameras lately? I’ve been closely watching the forums at DPR and today I came across some interesting posts regarding the Pentax K20D. One individual claims to have seen a handful of images taken with the K20D, which include EXIF files. There are also two purported images (super boring subjects) taken at ISO 100 and ISO 3200, but no EXIF files.

Today I had a surprise and it was one heck of a surprise!

So a gentleman gives me a half a dozen images or so and asks me to look at them. They range in theme and lighting camera settings etc.

I look at them, peep them, debate them in my head and conclude that these must be from a 1DsMKIII or something of amazing quality. The gentleman laughs and says no, read the EXIF.

I do and to my astonishment the camera is not even a Canon, nor a Nikon, but a Pentax! K20D it reads and most of the settings are there as well. I do the math and yes it’s over 14MP. I looks deeper and deeper, but could find nothing wrong with these images. I ask him where and why and all he says is it’s between you and me and your welcome to tell everyone what you’ve seen, but don’t give away the evidence or thus the relationship ends.

So, today I’ve seen my first glimpse of the images from a K20D and not only do I have a better understanding of what greatness is, but I had a cool story to tell to go along with it.

How awesome are the images from the K20D? Probably the best images I’ve seen from an APS-C camera period in terms of sharpness, rendering, IQ, whitebalance, noise levels, ect. I would put my stake deeper than before that Pentax has something to trump the competition and it’s not just whizbang features.

The best feature I can see is that no camera will give you a better image and I have the proof siting on my desktop.

Eric at PB is hosting the originals for both images.

ISO 100


ISO 3200


That’s not too noisy, right?