TrackMyShipments: Like TripIt For Deliveries

trackmyshipments.jpgTrackMyShipments offers a centralized delivery tracking service that is similar to TripIt.

The concept is simple. Users sign up and forward emails they receive when ordering goods online to TrackMyShipments. The email can be in any format and any layout. The service then extracts the data to create a centralized tracking point for all deliveries. TrackMyShipments regularly pings the original service for updates, and can email or SMS location updates of tracked items to users.

The Milpitas based service is a solid enough idea, although I can’t help that wonder exactly how many people have soo many packages on the way that they need a centralized management service for them. Perhaps this is a service that may find a stronger use base in the corporate sector where deliveries are more frequent, than with average consumers.