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AT&T will sell you just a SIM card – five American dollars, my friend!


Walk into an AT&T store and ask for a SIM card. The teenager behind the counter will open up a case of a few thousand and hand you one. He will then return to talking to his pretend girlfriend. The only payment required is to have to talk to a teenager which is a lot like reading the content from this blog.

Cloverfield: Sucks or really sucks?


the movies ending is what makes this other wise great movie suck i have never wanted to punch a baby but this ending makes me want to punch babies

NBC says Hollywood model needs to be revised, blames strike, changing media habits (us!)


They want to make TV more like the way it is around the world? Oh lordy. I’ve seen TV in Brazil, Colombia, India, Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar over the past few years and most of it is horrible! Better news and sports, yes. But the rest is much worse than most of the reality drivel we see here.

If they mean there’s not reliably going to be shows on every day of every week for a season, then I’ll just stop watching. It’s almost bad enough in terms of reliably being on at the time time each week that I don’t watch that much TV any more.

And I don’t watch reality TV. Big Brother, Survivor, etc., is all drek with no value whatsoever beyond voyeuristic schadenfreude. (There’s a mouthful!)

If they think I’m going to put much effort into finding new shows each time I turn on my TV, they are sadly mistaken. I’ll go to iTunes and buy DVDs and watch off-line. If I could dump cable and watch the local stations using an HD antenna, you can bet this kind of move is going to make me eye the value of not paying $106 a month to be tied to the mothership if it has nothing to offer me of value.