First hands on with Pentax K20D, K200D


The wait is officially over, folks. Today marks a new chapter for Pentax and the big boys better pay attention. The K10D and K100D Super are being replaced today with the K20D and K200D. There have been significant changes from previous models and I think many will be surprised.

The K20D is now equipped with a newly designed CMOS sensor with 14.6 effective megapixels. Other notable upgrades include a 2.7-inch LCD with adjustable brightness and Live View. The LCD is wide-view, which means you can view images approximately 160 degrees both vertically and horizontally to take full advantage of Live View. The dust reduction system now features a Dust Alert function that knows exactly where a particle of dust is so you know what to clean. The body is now fully weather-resistant and dust-proof. The enlarged CMOS sensor is now super sensitive and can reach up to 6400 in expanded ISO mode. The K20D is now equipped with the Pentax-original PRIME (Pentax Real IMage Engine), which ensures you get true-to-life images. The PRIME’s memory is taken care of via DDR2 so everything is pretty quick.

The K200D sees a bump from 6-megapixels to 10.2-megapixels. The 2.7-inch LCD has also been added and the shutter is noticeably more quiet than the K100D. The body is also a little bit bigger, but I thought it was much more comfortable to hold.

Both are vast improvements over previous models and I could go into more detail, but I think the hardcore will benefit more by me posting the spec sheets for both.