HP offers 16GB solid-state drive in new small PC


Hewlett Packard has a new “ultra-slim” PC available starting at $729 with an optional 16GB solid-state hard drive for an additional $328 if you configure one to your liking.

So for almost half the value of the computer, you can go from an 80GB SATA hard drive to a 16GB solid-state drive.

It’s nice that HP and others are deciding to at least offer these solid state drives, but it’ll be even more exciting when the price of the drives moves from the thermosphere through the mesosphere, then down, down, down through the stratosphere, eventually settling in the troposphere with all the other hard drives.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’d like to own a computer with a solid-state drive (even if it means giving up storage capacity) but only when it’s only marginally more expensive or the same price as a regular drive.

How much (if any) would you pay for a solid-state drive?

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