New Sony camera PMA roundup

No major announcements from Sony like “we’re going analog” or “everything is now left-handed” but there are a few respectable updates for their point-and-shoots. Now’s the time to buy the last generation, people! Unless you really need your camera to only take pictures when it detects a smile. Kind of creepy. Hit the link for the good stuff.

Cybershot DSC-H10

13.4 oz, 8 megapixels, 10x optical zoom (38-380mm equivalent), f3.5-14.4, ISO 100-3200, 3″ LCD
This SLR wannabe is still pretty solid, and 10x optical zoom is great for getting up people’s nostrils. Good range of aperture too. Bizarrely, it lets you upload mp3s onto it for playing during slideshows. Who has a slideshow on their camera? Why doesn’t Sony focus on reducing shutter lag instead?

Cybershot W-Series

These more ordinary consumer-oriented cameras have a range of specifications and prices, going from about $200 to about $300.
4.3 – 5 oz, 7-10 megapixels, 4-5x optical zoom (the better ones have a better lens too), 2.5-2.7″ LCD, ISO 100-3200, and that creepy smile detection built in.

Cybershot S-Series

4.5 oz, 8 megapixels, 4x optical zoom, ISO 100-1250, 2.5″ LCD
These cameras have to be the bargain bin ones. They shoot video at 320×240. I’m sure they’re perfectly capable, but really, spend the extra $50 and get something cooler, like the following:

Cybershot T300

5.3 oz, 10 megapixels, 5x optical zoom (33-165mm equivalent), ISO 80-3200, 3.5″ LCD
Here’s what I’m talking about. The replacement for the T200 has a monster 3.5″ touchscreen on the back and looks sexy as hell (the pic at the top of the story shows the back). Sony may have some poor business practices but they can put together a nice little point-and-shoot. Too bad it costs $400! You could get a used Rebel XT for that. Still, it’s a sweet little piece of hardware.

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