Uh oh, Moto


Let’s be honest and say that 2007 wasn’t a breakout year for Motorola. Ed Zander got the axe and the company lost about $1.2 billion, for starters. That’s a pretty big pile in new CEO Greg Brown’s lap.

From Motorola’s Fourth-Quarter and Full-Year Sales and Earnings report:

“For the full year 2007, sales were $19.0 billion, a 33 percent decrease compared to 2006, and the segment incurred an operating loss of $1.2 billion, compared to operating earnings of $2.7 billion in 2006.”

Ouch. It’ll be interesting to see what happens this year. Will we see another device as popular as the RAZR? Will Motorola discount the hell out of everything to increase sales? Will it take more chances with designs and push the envelope a bit? Whatever the case, it’s gotta do something new. New phones, new designs, new something. It can’t just keep pumping out updated RAZR’s and Q’s.

Motorola Announces Fourth-Quarter and Full-Year Sales and Earnings [Press Release]