YouTube for Startups? Hell, why not…

Aside from running some normal written reviews of new web firms, I’d like to encourage companies out there to send in links to videos. In common with, I’ll be running embeddable demo videos where appropriate, because a demonstration speaks louder than any words, and these can’t be edited or spun by TechCrunch – something some may view as an advantage!

Another way of using video is for a direct to camera ‘elevator pitch’. Ideally do it in less than 5 minutes two or three minutes. It’s also a great way for TechCrunch readers with less time to get a ‘heads-up’ on your project. I’d advise not doing something stupidly “advertorial”. Keep it simple and to the point.

If you like the idea of direct-to-video elevator pitches, or hate it, express your view in the comments. All feedback is useful.