ATI's HD 3400: DirectX 10.1 and hardware HD playback for $50

Just don’t try to play any games with it. I thought this was worth mentioning since people have complained of the cost of DX10 cards. Well, now you can get one for 50 clams. Of course, for that amount of cash you’re probably getting 64 megs of RAM (they don’t specify), which is almost enough to run Daikatana. But if you’ve got it set up right, you’ll be getting hardware processing of your HD DVD and Blu-Ray movies. This is probably a good graphics card for your mom, or at least until she gets that 8800GTX I ordered her for Valentine’s day. Sorry the pic is watermarked, Tom’s Hardware got the exclusive shots on this one (the passive-cooling 3450 to be precise).

Press Release at AMD