Claim: Nvidia working on GPGPU for Apple


News from the rumor mill (read that again… yes, it’s contradictory) is that Nvidia is developing a GPGPU for Apple . GPGPU stands for general-purpose computing on graphics processing units and, in English, is a GPU that’s able to carry out CPU instructions. A GPU that can crunch non-graphics numbers, in other words. Or you can read all the tech specs at Le Wiki.

Nvidia just sent out an SOS looking for a Mac programmer to help code the drivers for the new cards.

While certainly not set in stone, AppleInsider thinks Apple would most likely use the new card as a built-to-order option on the Mac Pro. Given that Apple just updated the Mac Pro a few weeks ago, it’ll be a while before the card is available.

Nvidia working on first GPGPUs for Apple Macs [AppleInsider]