PS3 technical issues the source of GTA IV delay?

MTV has an interview with developer Jeronimo Barrera in which the GTA IV delay is cited as a good thing (why not squash bugs and polish for a couple more months) and also as being caused by the PS3 version. They’re “identical” now (except the 360 version doesn’t need a hard drive) but that the PS3 development contributed significantly to the delay is “really no surprise to anybody.”

Of course, there’s more context to it than that, but it’s more grist to the rumor mill that grinds out PS3-trashing sausage, if you’ll forgive the painfully mixed metaphor. In any case, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, so let’s all slow our roll on blaming fools until we’ve actually played the game. Guranga!

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[MTV News]