Samsung's GX-20 announced today as flagship DSLR

[photopress:GX20__4__3_.jpg,full,center]At CES, I was very impressed by Samsung’s GX-10 DSLR. Samsung has partnered with Pentax for the first line of DSLRs, basically re-branding the Pentaxes with a little cosmetic differences. The GX-20, announced today, is a basically a rebranding of the Pentax K20D, a good camera in its own right. At 14-plus-Megapixels, the camera is Samsung’s top of the line, and compatible with almost all of Pentax’s lenses.

It’s not a direct clone of the Pentax, however. The GX-20 has its own Samsungy interface and a few cosmetic changes. It also has a dedicated RAW shooting button, for when you’re feeling squirrelly and JPEG isn’t cutting it for you.

The camera should hit the US around the 2nd quarter of 2008 and will likely ship as a kit with one basic lens and other accessories for about $1,300-$1,400.