News in brief, a new platform for social entrepreneurs and their supporters, launches next month. The site says it will be a place where social entrepreneurs can connect with other socially minded people. In addition UnLtdWorld says it is built on an ‘open system’, allowing agencies to build other applications. Hard to say if that means what it says, but we’ll see. The site is being launched by the Foundation for Social Entrepreneurs, a charity.

• Mobile operator 3 became the the first mobile network operator in the UK to launch version 2 of the Google Maps application – the clever one which finds your location based on cell tower positioning.
Facecontact, a site which presented to the Seedcamp startup competition last year, plans to launch properly next month. Currently it’s in beta. Facecontact has a tool to track and reward referrals for job candidates, clients, investors and just about any other defined “prospect”. There is some comparison with LinkedIn and it’s corporate tools, but this is closer to an enterprise tool. They are also launching a Facebook application.
• Some changes over at ScribbleSheet. They are re-focusing the site on non-mainstream news and stories, such as interviewing undercover police blogger. Talk about the Long Tail.