Solo acts, listen up: Rock Band controllers going ala carte

[photopress:douche.jpg,full,left]Rock Band players are all bass players, as near as I can tell: They’re hard to get a hold of, don’t show up on time, and often can’t make it because their girlfriend says so. That’s why it’s time for you to go solo, man.

Rock Band is helping you out. Next month, you’ll be able to buy the instruments for the game by themselves. Right now, they’ve only available in a bundle, great if you’ve already formed your group, not so much if you’re a solo artist, like El Douche in the image to the left (he’s a serious Musician, with a capital “M”). You’ll be able to get just a guitar or just drums, and sit in with your friend’s band for a full-on Phish-like jam-session, if that’s your kind of thing, which I hope it’s not, hippie.

Guitars will be $60, while a drum kit will be $80.

Rock Band instruments going solo Feb. 12 [GameSpot]