T-Mobile preps another 3G phone, the Samsung SGH-T819; 3G network still only in our dreams

[photopress:t819.jpg,full,left]When the first 3G-enabled phones from T-Mobile first started hitting the streets, we were sure it was proof that T-Mo was about to (finally) light up its 3G network. So far we’ve been proven wrong, which we hate, it makes us angry. You wouldn’t like us when we’re angry.

Apparently, T-Mobile keeps releasing 3G phones so that its customers will be already ready already when it does turn on the 3G love, and the latest “3G-Ready” handset is the Samsung SGH-T819, which is basically a 3G update to the T629 T-Mobile offers now. It’s really the spiritual successor to the T809 from AT&T, a fine slider in itself.

The T9-equipped phone will also have a 1.3-Megapixel camera, Stereo Bluetooth, and voice dialing when it’s released. We don’t have a solid date yet, but it could be any day now. It’s not the fanciest phone out there, but if you’re on T-Mobile and due for an upgrade, you can do a lot worse than this.