Need some digital skills? Go East my son

The UK seems to have a skills problem, especially in the online sector. Chinwag Jobs, a recruitment website for digital media in the UK, has found 97% of the 200 employers it surveyed are finding it difficult or impossible to attract suitably qualified digital staff for their businesses. And over three quarters are reporting problems persuading staff to stick around longer than it takes to dial-up a cup of cold tea from the office vending machine.

While a lot of businesses staffed up on ‘digital’ skills last year, it would appear we have mined most of our natural resources and it’s getting harder to get the staff – to the point where 85% of companies are worried about businessÂ’ growth. Of course, the question is, are these people leaving older ‘digital agencies’ for tech startups, or is this skills shortage hurting startups too? Alas, likely the latter.

How fortuitous then that Anglo Estonian (see video below recently organised a reception for UK businesses out to reap the same rewards Skype did by building their team in Estonia. Here they found staff equally as skilled as their UK counterparts and, coincidentally, cheaper. Trebles all round!