Nikon D60 leak? And it's weak?

From the folks who brought you the K20D and K200D, we have the latest in leaked specs for Nikon’s upcoming D40x replacement, the D60. And if this is all accurate, it’s a bit of a letdown, considering the magnitude of the new Rebel’s updates and the hotness of Pentax’s newer K’s.

The added megapixels on the D60 are welcome (up to 10.2), and the sensor cleaner/dust remover is fast becoming a standard, but still with the 2.5″ LCD and the 3-point autofocus? Come on now. At least you’re guaranteed a solid camera, and the improved image processor will help things. At this point, though, the offerings from Pentax or Canon are more tempting, but I’ll wait to hold ’em all in my hands before picking. Check out this link for some new lenses, too (that 16-85mm looks nice). Thanks to 1001 Noisy Cameras for the tip.

D60 Press Release at Forums