The Hype Machine Releases 2007 Music Blog Zeitgeist

The Hype Machine is a great music blog aggregator that we’ve somehow failed to write about until now.

The site continuously collects material, including reviews and songs, from the best music blogs on the net. Comparisons can be drawn to Techmeme, which curates a selection of the best tech news articles from the multitude published each day. The Hype Machine does the same for music, saving indie music aficionados the time it would take to scour the web for the hottest new songs.

Not interested on keeping tabs on the music scene on a daily basis? You’re in luck – The Hype Machine just released its 2007 Music Blog Zeitgeist, a collection of the best songs, albums, and bands of 2007. CEO Anthony Volodkin says that the year’s picks were made through extensive analysis of the data collected throughout 2007. The song picks are broken down into months so you can see what was popular in, say, January of last year. The site’s built-in player also lets you play the year’s songs back-to-back and instantaneously.

The Hype Machine was originally started in 2005. The site generates revenue through both on-site advertisements and music sales leads. Version 2 of the site was released just this past fall and featured greater personalization capabilities, such as favoriting and customized feed creation.