Fleecing of America: My overpriced college calls Internet 'phone system for computers'


I wish I were kidding, but this half-page of notes (higher res version here) cost me around $500 yesterday. I’m taking a class called Rise of the Web taught by Jay Rosen, which is supposed to explore how the Internet is going to change the [journalism/media] world we live in. You know, things we deal with here at CrunchGear on a daily—nay, minutely—basis. So imagine me sitting there being told that the Internet is like a phone system for computers. Really?! Wow! (I only took notes because I realized how absurd the class was and thought it’d make a good post here.)

I can only hope next week we learn about Wikis and why blogs are the wave of the future. Or maybe we’ll find out what a Web 2.0 is!

Total waste of time and money. I’ve got Call of Duty to play, teach.