MSI elbowing its way into the tiny, cheap laptop game


Micro-Star International sat gnashing its teeth as it watched Asus and Everex beat it to the punch with tiny notebook computers (which I’ll from this day forward refer to as “lapitos”). So what will MSI’s lapito have going for it? According to PC World,

MSI is working on a similar device for the ultra-low cost notebook market, using an extremely low voltage, low cost microprocessor from Intel called Diamondville. Intel has said it will formally unveil the chip at the Intel Developer Forum in Shanghai this April.”

An anonymous MSI spokesperson wearing a trench coat and low-brimmed hat lit a cigarette in a darkened corner of a parking garage and said, “When Diamondville is ready, our project will be ready.” He probably then threw some sort of awesome smoke bomb on the ground before disappearing into the night.

We should likely see these lapitos in July or August.

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