Two HD Everio camcorders from JVC on the way


It’s confirmed: Two new high-definition hard drive-based camcorders are slated for release in Japan in February. The JVC Everio GZ-HD5 and GZ-HD6 will likely replace the GZ-HD7 and will be 40% smaller. The GZ-HD6 will record in 1080i and then upon playback will upscale the footage to 1080p when connected via HDMI. Cool, no?

The GZ-HD5 will come with a 60GB hard drive and cost somewhere around $1,400 or so, while the GZ-HD6 will have 120GB on board and settle closer to $1,600. Both will feature a 10x optical zoom. No word on when they’ll hit the states yet.

New JVC cams promise 1080p output, more [Electronista]