Slashdot hates on Digg's 'tyrannical' user-driven model


Slashdot used to be the place to go for tech news. I now go there because, while the news may be a little older than what you can find on blogs, the comments are usually a lot more informative—a more “elite” techie than the average blog reader, maybe. But Slashdot has been in a feud of sorts with Digg since the latter’s launch. Slashdot’s spiritual leader, CmdrTaco, doesn’t like that whole “social news” model. It’s better when you have a clique of the enlightened deciding what is and isn’t news. You need to guard against the tyranny of the majority.

But a tyranny of the minority is just fine with Taco.

I don’t see why you’d need to denigrate your competitors if you’re confident in your own model. Don’t blow out my candle to make yours shine brighter, in other words.

Slashdot Founder Questions Crowd’s Wisdom [Bits New York Times Blog]