Sony Europe says no 120GB PS3, maybe 160GB PS3


The other day we informed you that there could be a tiny shakeup in Sony’s PS3 line that included the dismissal of the 80GB and the introduction of a 120- or 160GB model with DualShock 3 controllers. Those were based on rumors or moles, so, obviously, Sony had to say something. But it’s not coming from Sony America, rather, Sony Europe. A spokesperson for SCEE said, “We do not currently have any plans to release a 120GB PlayStation 3 in the UK.” Thanks for that, SCEE, but we know the truth. The boys over at Ars did say it could be 120- to 160GB. So are you telling us that it will be a 160GB PS3? Hmm. Interesting.

Sony: no plans to release 120GB PlayStation 3 in UK [Game Industry Biz]