FireFly anti-dust device

Sure there are a ton of new digital SLRs with built-in dust reduction systems, but how can you be sure that you’ve got all the dust off? Because most of those systems use variations on the same technology – the imaging sensor or glass covering the sensor is vibrated at high speeds – there’s always a chance that static electricity might cause some dust to stay stuck.

The PMA 2008 show floor opened in Las Vegas this morning and one of the cooler pro products we’ve seen so far is perfect for sensor neat freaks. Called the Firefly, this digital sensor cleaner uses ionization technology to remove the static charge of the dust so it just falls off. The device employs a Gitto "Rocket" air blower bulb to shoot a burst of anti-static air onto the sensor for a one-two punch against dust. The FireFly ($199) was actually developed by a company that specializes in ionization sources – not photography – so they’re experts on attacking static. Say goodbye to all those hours spent retouching for dust on your digital photos.

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