Garmin phone should have its 'answer' and 'ignore' buttons switched


Before you ask, yes, I was a little tipsy when I came up with this theory yesterday. I get tipsy from time to time (to time).

The Garmin phone that was announced last night—shouldn’t the “answer” and “ignore” buttons be reversed? You can test out my theory right now. If you’re right-handed, and at least 85 percent of us are, hold your phone in your hand. Now look at the placement of your thumb. It’s on the outer edge, right, where the “ignore” button is. That makes no sense. If you’re getting a call and whip out your phone, you’d have to bring your thumb in to answer it. Wouldn’t it be easier to have the button locations switched? That way, when you answer the phone your thumb is by default in the spot in needs to be to answer the call.

Just my two cents.