MacBook Air: Some minor issues

So it’s thin and it’s shipping, but is it really that great? AppleInsider has taken a closer look at the trade-offs Apple had to make to get this thing running and found that a few of the important troubleshooting steps — namely Apple Hardware Test and SMC updates — are controlled from key combinations rather than via CD or DVD. They also found that Boot Camp requires a DVD or CD to install any version of Windows, requiring users to pick up a USB drive. Otherwise, the rest of the stuff they found is more nit-picking than serious: overheating in hot environments, slow system migrations over Wi-Fi, and “no warning” when you eject disks on other machines, resulting in a little surprise to anyone sharing an optical disk.

I’m going to say no dealbreakers so far.

Apple’s MacBook Air support docs reveal one-of-a-kind solutions [AppleInsider]