T-mo slapped with lawsuit over unwanted text messages


Text messages are both annoying and expensive. Lawsuits are both annoying and expensive. Put the two together and you’ve got yourself a “Risky Business” party.

A lawsuit was filed in Washington state arguing that T-Mobile should let customers turn off text messaging altogether. As it is, T-Mo’s customers have to pay for text messages they don’t want—things like daily jokes and horoscopes. (Never mind that you have to sign up for these services in the first place.) Hence, lawsuit. Yay.

I used to get unwanted text messages a few years ago. Somehow my number found its way onto some “party promoter” list and I was getting messages like every night. “Yo come out to this crazy party on Ludlow mad crazy yo.”

No. Thank you.

Eventually I texted back in a threatening manner—”please stop sending these”—and never got another message again. I’m a walking Sesame Street episode.

Class action nails T-Mobile USA over texting services [RCR Wireless News]