Facebook's yearly revenue pales in comparison to Warcraft's monthly


If we believe the numbers that came out yesterday showing that Facebook makes $150 million in total revenue, then we’ll have to question that $15B rating the site has earned. Analysts are now starting to realize what we’ve been saying for quite some time, that people on social networks aren’t there to buy stuff, but to screw around with their friends. Makes you wonder, then, why Facebook is worth some much then. Having information on people’s likes and dislikes is all well and good, but if no one’s willing to buy anything, then what’s the point?

A thoroughly nerdy WoW Web site spun the numbers in an interesting direction. If Blizzard makes $15 per subscriber, then it’s pulling in $150 million per month.

Blizzard makes as much money in a month as Facebook does in a year.

The more you know.

World of Warcraft Makes as Much Money in a Month as Facebook Does in a Year [Negatainment]