Vodafone's missed opportunity, and the iPhone's gain

Vodafone appears to be in, what is technically termed, a bit of tizz. It has signed up fewer than 10,000 UK residential broadband customers, despite launching its service a year ago, as against Orange’s 326,000 and O2’s disappointing ‘tens of thousands’. “Converged” fixed and mobile services do not seem to be taking off as planned.

At the same time, the news is out to day that Vodafone has slashed its UK data costs for mobile in an aggressive attempt to generate more revenue from mobile internet services. This, we must remember is the mobile operator which bangs on about the mobile web, while transcoding everything to within an inch of its life (destroying lots of mobile web startus in the process, btw).

But wait? What is generating more data that any other handset out there right now? Yes, folks, you guessed it. The iPhone seems to make its owners eat data like it was a mound of chocolate in front of a playground of primary school kids. Or 30 times more than an average mobile user. But who has the iPhone? Ah. O2.

Hey, has anyone got the phone number for that Nokia’s touch-screen phone department?