We made pR0n better


I never thought about it this way, but it seems we — us bunch of nerds — have slowly changed the porn landscape. Regina Lynn at Wired points out sites like AbbyWinters.com and Kink.com [feel free to cut and paste but rest assured NSFW] feature models who are a far cry from the pneumo-bots of yore or even the charming ladies of mainstream lad mags. The industry of image has diverged, leading us nerds down a path of pale, dark-haired young ladies with a certain post-Grad-school air.

My biggest question, however, is now that we’re all Facebooked and Twittered, will the porn industry suffer dilution? If people are so free with their information and, ahem, their winky parts, will this affect sales?

Agree, disagree, discuss?

Real Sex Tantalizes as Processed Porn Gets Boring [Wired] [SFW]