Is HD Radio waving or drowning? Depends on who you ask


The basic problem with HD Radio is that, no matter how crystal clear you make radio sound, it’s still radio. Commercial radio, on the whole, is absolute garbage. Maybe iBiquity needs to come to terms with that before it starts accusing XM and Sirius of unfair business tactics.

IBiquity, the main force behind HD Radio, says sales increased some 700 percent last year compared to 2006. That’s what it told the National Association of Broadcasters at any rate, which is no friend of the satellite radio companies. Compare that with what it told the FCC, claiming that that both XM and Sirius have coerced their partners—car companies and the like—to “discourage proliferation” of HD Radio.

IBuiquity is telling one party last year was great, and telling another party they’re being screwed by the satrad companies. Well-paid analysts call that “having your cake and eating it too.”

Again, I have no interest in listening to wild shock jock antics like dropping bra bombs on top of TV stations while trying to coin funny catchphrases like “mother hucker” and “brotherman” no matter how high-quality the signal is.

HD Radio: Which hype should you believe? [Orbitcast]