Mark Cuban goes nuts! Says to give away soundtracks! What a nut!


Hey, wait a minute. He’s got a good idea. So movie viewership is faltering and music sales are stagnant. Why not mix the two together, creating a synergistic Super Friends? His proposal is simple: movie theaters print a code on their tickets that entitle them to some sort of digital download. It could be a song, a copy of the script, or a screensaver. You get some web traffic, some good will, and a way to gauge a consumer’s interest in a certain product or service.

How many people are going to rush out and buy the Soundtrack to the new Rambo movie ? But riddle me this. How many more people would go to the movie if they knew that their movie ticket stub had a code to unlock a free download of the movie’s soundtrack ? Or if they bought a ticket online in advance of the release, they could download the soundtrack right from the online ticket site ?

Anything to get people into the theaters and off of Canal Street, right?

Music and Movies – Give Away the Soundtrack [BlogMaverick]