EA predicts PS3 to sell more than Xbox 360 this year


The hot news from this leaked EA document (PDF!) is that the company expects the PS3 to outsell the Xbox 360 in Europe this year. That would be the fist time the PS3 has outsold a rival console over the course of a year. Here in North America, the company expects sales between the two console to be the same, around five to six million consoles sold apiece.

Similar claims have been maderecently.

Nintendo’s Wii, of course, is doing its own thing, tapping into the old people market, and should walk away with 6.5 million sales in North America.

EA in part based these predictions on the expected-to-be-available software this year. The PS3’s lineup does seem stronger than in previous years, what with the new Metal Gear, Little Big Planet and Final Fantasy XIII due for release this year.

A friendly tip: don’t get caught up in flame wars. No one ever comes out looking better.

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