U2 thinking of dropping Universal Music, searching for other ways to distribute music


Remember the music industry? College kids killed it a few years ago and the top acts are now starting to notice.

U2, covered brilliantly by New York area band 2U, is reportedly thinking about severing its relationship with Universal Music Group. Either 2004’s “How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb” (which wasn’t too bad at all) or last year’s re-master of “The Joshua Tree” (good. quite good.) completed the band’s contract with the record label, and now it’s looking to hook up with some concert promoter to handle the release of its future albums.

They could always go the Radiohead route, but judging by comments made by the band’s manager, they don’t seem too hip to technology. Why would they be?

U2 May Be Next to Leave Record Biz [Fox News]