Linus believes MS's Linux patent disputes to be sword-rattling nonsense

[photopress:foss_4709.jpg,full,right]Recently, Microsoft suggested that Linux, or at least parts of it, infringed upon certain Microsoft patents. It hasn’t said specifically which ones, just that it thinks it happens.

Linux Torvalds, the grandaddy of Linux, said in an interview with the Linux Foundation that he believes MS is talking crap.

They have been sued for patents by other people, but I don’t think they’ve — not that I’ve gone through any huge amount of law cases — but I don’t think they’ve generally used patents as a weapon,” Torvalds said. “But they’re perfectly happy to use anything at all as fear, uncertainty and doubt in the marketplace, and patents is just one thing where they say, ‘Hey, isn’t this convenient? We can use this as a PR force.’

He goes on to say that Microsoft, having had nothing but trouble in the courts due to much of its monopolist bent, would be ill-advised to go after any competition with the patent defense.

I think that most Microsoft lawyers would say, ‘You know, let’s not do that; that sounds insane’.

He is, of course, right.

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