Natali Gets Loaded Today

Former TechCrunch Writer Natali Del Conte’s new CNET TV show, Loaded, launched today. And true to CNET’s general policies, the show is not embeddable on other websites (you can see it here). Also standard CNET policy – they sort of borrowed a headline without attribution (Natali says “Google and Microsoft exectuives were not watching the Superbowl on Sunday” – I wonder where she got that from).

Beyond that, the show is excellent, and much better than her previous TeXtra show – Natali is front and center with the camera and the content is more compelling, at least so far. I’m pretty sure we’re going to be seeing Natali host a mainstream cable TV show sometime in the near future. She has the talent and the looks. And the day she does become famous, I can say “I worked with her a while back,” although I won’t mention she quit after two weeks. :-)

(I’m just kidding about the headline stealing, at least with regard to Natali – she mentions TechCrunch later in the show. “Story stealing” is just a long time blogger criticism of CNET, although the last few months they’ve mostly stopped doing that.)