NEC has those new LCD monitors you asked for, sir

I had an NEC CRT monitor for years and it never did me wrong. Got it with my first Alienware system in late 2000 and it stuck with me till I got my Dell LCD (It was just time) and even now I look back on it with fondness. So I can recommend NEC as a brand but I can’t speak just yet to the quality of their LCD monitors. The specs look good, though: 16:10 wide screen, 5ms response time, 900:1 contrast ratio (good for now, but OLEDs will make short work of that, but that’s not NEC’s fault), and a perfectly respectable pixel pitch and native resolution. There are smaller ones (19″ and 17″ but their specs are not as good and they’re, well, smaller. The 22″ is $330. Go Big, like Tom Hanks in that one movie, what was it called again?

Press Release [Business Wire]