Skype plugin for Apple TV

The brave new age of talking to your loved ones on the TV is finally here. Brandon Holland created a native Skype plugin for the Apple TV. It will take a bit of doing to get it on there, but it apparently lets you make calls and obtain your contact list.

This plugin is basically an Apple TV front end for the Mac version of the Skype Application. It uses Skype’s powerful and well documented API to obtain information, set preferences, make calls, ect.

To Do:
-Add Contact Controller
-Search Contacts Controller
-File Transfer Controller
-History Controller
-Chat + SMS Controllers
-View Profile Controller
-Contact Avatars when the API supports it
*Login + Downloader Controller maybe

Please contact with me with any ideas or bug reports.

Not sure where/how you put in the microphone, but this isn’t even out of Alpha so don’t expect miracles.