Rumor: Penryn chips invading Dell, possibly Apple very soon


If rumors surrounding Dell are to be believed then we will soon see Intel’s 45-nm Penryn chips being offered in upcoming notebooks. Duh, right? But it looks like they’ll be coming to market much sooner than we expected, like, in a week. Dell and Apple are both a little behind the ball in bringing Penryn notebooks to market since Toshiba, Gateway and HP have already gone and done that, but don’t expect to see them in Dell’s cheaper notebooks. The XPS line seems to be the main target for this update. The smaller chips are capable of 6MB of cache, which means more power. Not more power, but better performance. I watched an episode of Home Improvement last night, so Tim Allen’s stupid sayings from the show are stuck in my head.

Rumors surrounding the MBP update have simmered down just a tad from last week, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see Apple announce the update within the same time frame. Although, if our source is right, which he/she/it usually is about 70 percent of the time then we won’t see Apple do any updating till mid-March. Maybe they want to be last to market.

Dell up next as Intel 45-nanometer chips creep into laptops [Cnet]